African Monitoring of the Environment for sustainable Development (AMESD)

H. Runghen 

Operationnal Dissemination of Oceanographic data Charts for Mauritius using Forecast from Mercator Ocean

Every week, data are downloaded from the Mercator FTP site.The mapping phase over the region of interest (Mauritius for example) is initiated.  Charts for the following parameters are generated: Sea Surface Currents, SST, SSH and SSS. Finally, maps are printed into a native grid and disseminated to the National Coast Guard of Mauritius and to the general public on the AMESD website :

Physical database and Atlas – Monthly Physical Oceanographic Bulletin (GLORYS)

Production of an Atlas over Indian Ocean;

Daily series from PSY3 runs has been used to calculate monthly Physical Oceanographic bulletin.


Downscaling of Mercator Data using ROMS-AGRIF

Mercator Products

PSY3 nowcast and 7 days of forecast; reanalysis GLORYS ; T, S, U, VB, SSH, MLD.

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