Mercator Ocean Model Outputs : validation in the East Japan Sea

Gyun-Do Pak, Frédéric Vivier 


East Korean Current is one of the major surface current of the East Japan Sea; it flows along the eastern coast of Korea up to 38N, after, it separates from the coast and flows north-eastern generating sub-polar front.

Some Results

* A major issue of 1990’s old ocean simulation in the East Sea was reproducing realistic EKWC normally overshoots up to 40~42N. The Mercator 1/12° model also shows this overshooting.

* Mixed layer depth (figure below : (upper) Climatology of mixed layer depth and (Lower) MLD from the Mercator’s model outputs (units: meter)): in the East Sea, Lim et al (2012) recently calculated climatology of mixed layer depth (MLD) with a condition of 0.2 temperature difference based on observations. because the mixed layer is not clearly existed other seasons, we just compared the MLD for January and february. The spatial distribution of MLD on January and february are very similar. Only the magnitudes are different.


Data comparison

Produits utilisés

Free simulation 1/12° ORCA12 : T, S, U, V, SSH, MLD from 2002/01/01 to 2009/12/30.

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