Launch of 1st Demonstration Call for the European Digital Twin Ocean

European ocean twinning projects and national initiatives invited to integrate into EDITO to contribute to the European Digital Twin Ocean. Selected applicants will be showcased at the Digital Ocean Forum 2024. 

As the technical development of the core infrastructure of the European Digital Twin Ocean continues gaining momentum, EDITO-Infra has launched a Call for Expressions of Interest from digital twinning projects & initiatives in Europe who wish to integrate to the EDITO platform and thereby contribute to shaping the features and high-level visibility of the European Digital Twin Ocean

The call is part of EDITO’s roadmap to engage with the diverse EU digital ecosystem involved in ocean twinning developments, driving interoperability efforts towards a thriving European Digital Twin Ocean. To sustain this process, a series of “Demonstration” and “Integration” calls will be launched throughout 2024 and beyond, seeking to showcase, give visibility and provide support for integration to the most promising digital twinning applications emerging from national and European efforts. 

Projects and initiatives interested in demonstrating their capabilities under this first call can submit an Expression of Interest by 15 February 2024, via this form. The best applications will be showcased at the third edition of the Digital Ocean Forum (Brussels, 12-13 June 2024). Pre-registration to the Scientific & Technical Workshop of the forum is now open to relevant initiatives, via the same form.  

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Mercator Ocean International and the EU DTO 

Over the past two decades, Mercator Ocean International (MOi) has been at the forefront of advancing digital ocean models, establishing itself as a pioneer in operational oceanography. MOi actively contributes to the development and dissemination of ocean knowledge. Embracing the challenges of the digital era, MOi leverages its comprehensive expertise and extensive experience to actively support the European Commission. As a key player in shaping the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (EU DTO), MOi leads efforts to unite partners and initiatives at both the EU and international levels. Through inclusive and collaborative initiatives, MOi aims to contribute to the construction of the digital framework, core model suite, and virtual environment essential for the success of the DTO. 

There are two innovative projects, led by MOi with other European partners, that are building the operational EU DTO: EDITO-infra and EDITO-Model Lab. 

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