Meteorological Technology International’s Special Report on Oceans

The Meteorological Technology International’s special report on oceans, released on 17 August, features an interview with Pierre Bahurel, the CEO of Mercator Ocean International (MOi). As the UN kicks off its Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, Meteorological Technology International speaks to some of the leading figures in the hydrometeorological industry who are involved in world-class ocean observation projects, including MOi.

In the interview, Pierre Bahurel speaks about MOi’s key role in the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), and the Copernicus Marine Service, which MOi has been implementing on behalf of the European Union since 2015. Bahurel also highlights the more recent EU4OceanObs project, a European Foreign Policy Action implemented by MOi to strengthen international ocean governance for the increased collection, sharing and use of ocean oberservations for societal benefit.

To read the interview available on page 36 in the Meteorological Technology International’s September 2021 issue, click here.

Meteorological Technology International
 17 août 2021