On April 18, in Tallinn, Estonia, join the first Copernicus Marine Service InfoDay “Powering marine business and services in Estonia”organised by Mercator Océan in partnership with MSI.

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Transcription des questions-réponses des InfoDays

Rejoignez la communauté

Rejoignez le groupe Copernicus Marine Service Parnership Meeting Place : vous pourrez rencontrez des candidats potentiels pour nos appels d’offre, discutez avec eux et éventuellement former des partenariats. Nous ne cautionnons aucune information partagée sur cette plateforme. Pour accéder aux informations officielles concernant les appels d’offre ou nous poser une question, visitez http://mercator-ocean.fr/eng/mercator_ocean/Tenders.

En savoir plus sur les InfoDays

Mercator Ocean is structured to deploy the Copernicus Marine Service in 2015, working with the best experts.
We aim at communicating through various channels so everyone can access the information they need.

1. Better understanding of the marine service

In order to improve the understanding of the Marine Service topic by the general public and potential tenderers, Mercator Ocean is organising InfoDays (see above for transcriptions).

Sign up to receive an invitation to attend the next InfoDay: communication@mercator-ocean.fr

This is only general information, communication specific to a tender content will use specific channels (see below)

2. Expressing interest for contribution

The Copernicus Marine Service requires to gather a wide variety of skills and thus to bring together actors from very different communities.

Mercator Ocean puts his trust in the players in this field to gather these skills, and, strictly applying public tender regulation, will not intervene in any way.

To facilitate the « meet-and-greet » between these players, a LinkedIn group has been set: « Mercator Ocean call for potential tenderers ».

This is an open discussion forum, everyone can join and the information is displayed publicly. Visitors are free to participate in conversations. Mercator Ocean will not intervene.

3. Preparing bids to public tenders when they are open

As presented on the Mercator Ocean website (https://www.mercator-ocean.eu/mercator-ocean/appels-doffres/), a first wave of tenders was issued last January 2015 in order to secure the delivery of the most critical Marine Service data and information by Copernicus. Specific communication tools are set up to support candidates.

In order to provide a strict equality of information access to all candidates, Mercator Ocean will only communicate through this channel regarding open tenders.

The list of open tenders dealing with the different Copernicus services is published by the European Commission here: https://www.copernicus.eu/en/opportunities/tenders-and-grants


Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à contacter communication@mercator-ocean.fr.