The Met Office develops operational short-range forecast configurations of marine systems, where appropriate using marine data assimilation, and observation-based analyses of sea surface temperature and sea ice. Many of the products developed and supported by the team are made freely available via the Copernicus Marine Service. It models:

  • Cryosphere (predicting sea ice extent, concentration and thickness),
  • Marine hydrology (predicting currents, temperature and salinity),
  • Marine biogeochemistry (predicting marine chemistry and lower trophic level biology), wave forecasting systems, storm surge system

It realises marine data assimilation on:

  • temperature and salinity profiles
  • sea surface temperature,
  • sea surface height,
  • sea ice concentration,
  • ocean colour observations

Adress: FitzRoy Road Exeter Devon EX1 3PB United Kingdom

More information on their website.