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Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere

The Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere main mission is to analyse the interaction between Physical Oceanography and Meteorology. It develops and validates SWAN model for Mainland Portugal area. It provides in-real time observations and short term forecast of the…

Puertos del Estado

Puertos del Estado provides in-real time information and forecast on the Spanish water (IBI + Mediterranean). It runs physical and biogeochemical models. Their system consists of measurement networks (buoys, tide gauges and high-frequency radars), prediction services (waves, sea level, currents…

Rede de Modelagem e Observacao Oceanografica

Operational Oceanography collaboration project between many institutions in Brazil: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Universidade Federal da Bahia Petrobras Centro de Hidrografia da Marinha Their objective is to build an operational oceanography service providing  hydrodynamic numerical models and observation…

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

The Swedish Meteorological Hydrographic Institute analyses the ocean through numerical modeling, remote sensing, marine biology and marine observations with a focus on on seas surrounding Sweden – Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak – but increasing interest is also paid to…

University of Cape Town

The university of Cape Town hasdevelopped a research center to analyse and make forecast of the ocean through numerical modeling. It’s research activities concern both the physical and biogeochemical ocean on the following areas: Agulhas Current Ocean Atmosphere Interactions Benguela…

University of Penambuco

The Centro de Estudos e Ensaios em Risco e Modelagem Ambiental of Pernambuco University is designing an operational oceanography service and starts modeling the physical ocean in the Bresilian seas. Address: Av. da Arquitetura, s/n – Cidade Universitária, Recif, Brazil.…