Workshop “Ocean and sea ice forecasting in the Arctic”

EuroGOOS’ Arctic ROOS and the Arctic Regional Team of the Ocean Prediction DCC are organising specialized online workshop on Ocean and Sea Ice Forecasting in the Arctic, taking place on January 17-18, 2024.

This event seeks to deepen comprehension regarding challenges and advancements in ocean and sea ice forecasting in the Arctic, including observations and numerical modelling. Through discussions and presentations, participants will gain valuable perspectives on the current state and future directions of forecasting in the Arctic. Furthermore, the dialogue will extend to explore downstream user services and applications, providing insights into upcoming priorities. Through dynamic interactions, the workshop aims to identify and propose enhancements to existing forecasting, making a substantial contribution to the ongoing initiatives of Arctic ROOS and the Arctic Regional Team of the Ocean Prediction DCC.

Day 1 – January 17, 2024

The first day will start with the introduction the missions of Arctic ROOS and Ocean Prediction DCC, leading into e keynote by Laurent Bertino (NERSC) on ‘Forecasting Salinity in the Arctic’. Session 1 will explore the forecast services, followed by Session 2, focused on the observations for forecasting.

Day 2 – January 18, 2024

Day 2 will commence with a summary of Day 1, leading into a keynote by Maria Høegh Berdahl (European Commission DG DEFIS) on the “Copernicus Arctic Hub.” Session 3 will shift the focus to downstream user services and practical applications, while Session 4 Session will delve into the road ahead, considering future priorities. This will be followed by a general discussion and the final wrap-up of the workshop.

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