As an operational oceanography centre, Mercator Ocean International wishes to offer science services to society by providing access to updated data. Outreach support can take diverse forms such as realising an exhibition for a scientific centre, museum or scientific event, pedagogical project for a school, or publication of a paper dealing with oceanography. To date, Mercator Ocean International had the opportunity to touch some 2 million citizens though our participation in such activities.

Catherine Jeandel, Research Director, from the French National Centre for Scientific Research who is using our data for educational projects said: “Animations representing ocean temperature, currents and the presence of sea ice are of great help when we intervene in schools. Part of our professional work involves explaining scientific advances on the future of the planet.”


To know more about Partnerships

Mercator Ocean supports NGOs working to protect and raise awareness surrounding the ocean.


Children for the Oceans

Children for the Oceans was founded by Thomas Lesage, a 14-year-old high-school student who, after having sailed around the Atlantic Ocean, wanted to talk about what he had witnessed in the ocean and create a network of ocean ambassadors worldwide to deliver sessions to raise awareness.


Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian aims to protect corals reefs through an integrated approach. It works to raise awareness, promote scientific research and conservation of marine ecosystems.


Emily Penn eXXpedition

Emily Penn is an ocean advocate and sailor who organises expeditions to collect samples of plastic and toxics contamination to raise awareness about the problem. In 2014, she decided to organise all-female expeditions to highlight the role of women in protecting the earth.


Ad-hoc partnerships

Mercator Ocean collaborates with several non-profit organisation by providing scientific expertise. Learn how Mercator Ocean has provided such support.

Our ocean literacy collaborations

Ecsite is the European Network for Sciences Centres & Museums. Mercator Ocean has joined this platform in order to raise awareness about ocean and, especially, increase scientific mediation. The aim of this partnership is to ensure that the ocean becomes a point of interest for all the participating museums.
Mercator Ocean is also a member of the Ocean and Climate Platform and a member of its Administration Council. We mainly produce scientific forms to be shared with members and support their political initiatives.
Mercator Ocean's participation in the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission ( IOC-UNESCO) ocean literacy platform takes several forms. We mainly provide them with in-situ data, ocean literacy and ocean science reports.

Awareness events:

In order to raise awareness of the challenges, potentials and threats of the ocean, Mercator Ocean International has participated in numerous awareness raising events in recent years. From international conferences to museum exhibits, the ocean models and Mercator Ocean expertise have helped more than 1 million people gain a better understanding of the ocean and operational oceanography. Awareness events can reach several layers of society and disseminate scientific knowledge and information aimed at more sustainable ocean practices, which is why Mercator Ocean is constantly developing new awareness tools.

Scientific outreach:

Mercator Ocean provides both products and services to improve the quality of ocean related scientific mediation such as:

  • HD maps, posters with our data for print media
  • HD maps, posters with our data for video media
  • MYOCEAN viewers
  • pedagogical documents and infographics
  • expertise from our scientists
  • public presentations from our scientists

Discover the following ocean animation we have created for one of our partner (Exmily Penn & Exxpedition) to explain how an ocean plastic gyre is created.