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Oceanographer Machine Learning Applications (W/M) – réf 2023-01/OO/OMLA – Applications closed, being analysed.

Expert in High Performance Computing (W/M) – réf 2022-08/OO/HPC3 – Applications open



Oceanographer specialised in biogeochemical data assimilation (W/M) – réf 2023-01/OO/OSABD – Applications closed, being analysed

Oceanographer specialised in biogeochemical modelling (W/M) – réf 2023-01/OO/OSBM23 – Applications closed, being analysed.

Assistant Coordinator of International Programmes for Ocean Observations and Prediction (W/M) – réf 2023-02/DS/ACPIOPO –Applications closed, being analysed.

Project manager : New products and user engagement (W/M) réf 2023-04/MS/NPEU  – Applications open until 30/06/2023

Open positions among our shareholders

There are no vacant positions at this time.


PhD on SWOT data assimilation  (M/W) – réf 2023-05/oo/CDDPObs – Applications open


There are no internships at this time.

Unsollicited applications

Should you not find any position below that matches your skills, feel free to send your resume to:

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