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Expert in High Performance Computing (M/W) – ref : 2022-08/OO/HPC2 -Application still open

Intergovernmental Project Manager (W/M) – ref 2022-09/DG/RPI

Cloud Infrastructure Operator (W/M) – ref 2022-08/DD/OIC

Backend Developer (W/M) – ref 2022-08/DD/DB

Full Stack Developer (W/M) – ref 2022-08/DD/DFS




Cloud application Engineer (M/W) – ref: 2021-04/OO/IAC -Application still open

Oceanographer specialised in the validation of global ocean analysis and forecasting systems (M/W) – ref : 2022-02/OO/OVRG -Application still open

Modelling Oceanographer/Biogeochimist (W/M) – ref : 2022-07/OO/OBGM -Application still open

Project manager – digital innovation for operational oceanography (W/M) – ref : 2022-08/OO/EDITO -Application still open

Project scientist – Regional Ocean indicators for EuroSea (M/W) – ref : 2022-09/DS/IOR 

Oceanographer – validation of mesoscale features (W/M) – ref 2022-08/OO/OVME-Application still open

Oceanographer – validation of surface currents (W/M) – ref 2022-08/OO/OVCS-Application still open

Open positions among our shareholders

There are no vacant positions at this time.


There are no vacant positions at this time.


There are no internships at this time.

Unsollicited applications

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