The Academy of Sciences Awards Karina von Schuckmann, Oceanographer at MOi

On October 17 and November 21, the Academy of Sciences presented all the awards and medals it had granted in 2023. Karina von Schuckmann, an oceanographer specialised in ocean-climate monitoring in the scientific direction of Mercator Ocean International, was honored with the prestigious 2023 Gérard Mégie Award from the Academy of Sciences.

Karina von Schuckmann

Quantifying Earth’s Energy Imbalance

Karina von Schuckmann’s groundbreaking work primarily focuses on Earth’s energy imbalance, using observations, reanalyses, and numerical ocean models. Her work has led to significant advancements in quantifying the current state and future of global warming. She is a world-class scientist, having made exceptional contributions, including the establishment of an international framework for monitoring Earth’s energy imbalance. This framework allows for the joint quantification of cumulative warming in all components of the Earth’s system. It highlights the essential role of the ocean in climate change, enhances our understanding of the various implications of global warming, and to constrain and to validate climate models.

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