Sea Plastics Organisation

We support Sea Plastics & their fight against plastic pollution

The organisation Sea Plastics contributes to research on ocean plastic pollution thanks to its partnerships with various reputed institutions and laboratories.
Their latest expedition started the 24th of March, 2019 in the Mediterranean Sea. The “Monaco Ocean Week” was on the first leg of the expedition. On the 28th of March, the Sea Plastics Organization was rewarded by the “BedMed” programme for its work to reduce plastics in the Mediterranean Sea.

Quiterie, Frédéric and Julie are the 2019 crew, and the topic of this year is to study the impact of plastics on the ecosystems by implementing assessment protocols on the influence of plastic waste on jellyfish populations in the western Mediterranean Sea. Regular meetings with the general public will take place during the expedition to raise awareness, to inform and to find innovative solutions including participatory science.

Mercator Ocean International supports the Sea Plastics initiative and provides expertise and oceanographic products useful for the expedition. The expertise of Mercator Ocean International implemented in Copernicus Marine Service products, allows the crew to receive ocean forecast data in order to define the sampling conditions and to compare with them data obtained by other scientific initiatives.

Created in 2017 by three engineering students from AgroParisTech, School of Life Sciences & Environment, Sea Plastics is an association aiming to implement and lead oceanographic sailing expeditions to study the impact of plastic pollution in the marine environment. The values held by Sea Plastics include: environmental protection through action research; experiences shared with the general public; team spirit and sports challenges.

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