Mercator Océan est partenaire de l'exposition Planète Mer, au quai des savoirs

Mercator Ocean participating in the Planet Sea exhibition

From October 12th to the 17th of November, 2017, the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse will be running an exhibition entitled “Planet Sea: observe, understand.” The interactive exhibition has a game-like quality, and sets the stage in the future allowing, users to discover and learn as if they were scientists from the future investigating the consequences of climate change.  Mercator Ocean has contributed installations and participated in the scientific committee with many others partners specializing ocean observation.

Exhibition – Climate change
It is the year 2180 and Toulouse is freezing and covered in ice. But what happened? The exhibition Planet Sea lets visitors become oceanographers and investigate their surroundings to understand the role that climate change played in the dramatic changes in the oceans and earth temperatures. You will be immersed in the world of oceanography to better understand current climate change and to illustrate other phenomena through such installations as:

  • El Niño is described through an interactive experience
  • A piece by the artist Javiera Tejerina-Risso, is connected in real-time to ocean sensors and reproduce the movements of waves on the sea surface through a metal representation. The piece is fed by seven data points in the Pacific Ocean.
  • An interactive installation by Loth Vallat, Xano Martinez and The Proyectarium explores the depths of the ocean.

Mercator Ocean’s Instillations
Mercator Ocean participated in the scientific committee of the exhibition with other partners and those in the scientific community such as: LEGOS, Météo France, CNRS, CNES, Science Po Toulouse and IRD.
Mercator Ocean produced 5 installations in the exhibition: tactile applications, a virtual reality animation, and animations (on thermohaline circulation, drift simulation).  There is also the Satisphere, an animation shown on a CNES installation

mercator ocean propose 5 productions outreach pour l'exposition Planete mer au quai des savoirs

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Ocean Under Pressure

In this exhibition, there are many opportunities to explore climate change and changes in the ocean. On Saturday 11th of November at 3 PM, there will be a talk about the role of the ocean in climate change, which affects French territories around the world. This talk will be given by FReDD and Clotilde Dubois, a researcher at Mercator Ocean, and excerpts of the film Océans sous influences by Eric Michel will be shown. This includes testimonies of people living in French territories affected and analysis will be given from contributing meteorologists at the talk.

oceans sous influenceExtrait du film d’Eric Michel “Océans sous influence