The company is governed by the General Assembly, in which each shareholder (that we call “Associate” for a société civile) is represented, and advised by the Scientific Committee.

The company is administered by an Management Board which delegates part of its authority to the General Manager.

Director General of Mercator Ocean

Pierre Bahurel has been managing Mercator Ocean since 2002.

General Assembly

is formed by representatives of all shareholders, who:

  • Approve Strategic and Action plans, Budgets and financial plans.
  • Approve annual accounts and gives discharge to the corporate officers for the accounts presented.
  • Appoint the General Manager and designates the Scientific Advisory members proposed by the Executive Board.

Management Board

is formed by a permanent representative of each of the shareholders, who:

  • Ensure the company management
  • Give recommendations on Action plans, Budgets and financial plans proposed by the General Manager.
  • Check and control

Scientific Committee

is a consultative body. The chairman of the Scientific Committee is appointed by the General Assembly. The Scientific Committee:

  • Gives recommendations on scientific options considering the National and International strategic aspects,
  • Proposes upstream scientific programs related to Operational Oceanography,
  • Addresses each year a report to the Board of Directors, as an objective independent committee,

Members of the Scientific Committee

  • Mike Bell (Chair)
  • Simona Masina
  • Lofti Aouf
  • Fabrizio d’Ortenzio
  • Annette Samuelsen
  • Begoña Perez-Gomez
  • Guillaume Maze
  • Angela Landolfi
  • Sophie Cravatte
  • Franck Dumas
  • Ronan Fablet
  • Stefano Ciavatta

Last update : August 2020

Mission Mercator/Coriolis Mission Group

supports Mercator Ocean scientific activities and contributes to the validation of products.