User Uptake Call for Tenders 34-UU-DO-CMEMS-INV1

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How to submit your application:

  • Download the application file in English
  • Submitting to several lots is allowed. More information is available in the Tender Regulations document.
  • Please submit applications:
    • via email to
    • via postal mail to the following address:
      Mercator Ocean
      [Specify the Call for Tenders reference number]
      Attn. Hélène de Valroger
      8, rue Hermès
      Parc Technologique du Canal
      31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne
  • Deadline to submit the tenders: September 28 2016, at 12:00 Paris time.

Frequently asked questions

Regarding the above tender, page 15 of the Tender Regulations state that “the file must be in a PDF format (.pdf extension) or Word format (.doc or .docx extensions). The file must not exceed 4Mbytes.” This size requirement applies only to the technical proposal or to all the documents in the submitted offer?

The size requirement applies only to the technical proposal.

With reference to the above tender, could you clarify the scope of the expected deliverables?                                                                           
In most of the SOW and other documents you refer to the inventory as though what is wanted is a structured data set that can be incorporated by you into your web site (e.g. REQ-8 to REQ-12). We would see this incorporating links, images and possibly video as well as text and category fields for each discrete application, and we would envisage delivering this as XML and/or SQL for ease of incorporation into your web site, as well as a more human readable PDF document.                       
Yet in a few places there is reference to making the inventory attractive and easy to understand, with videos and tutorials, e.g. in the SOW in the paragraph under REQ-12. This implies that what you want is more a set of web pages in addition to the data, so we would be delivering this whole section of your web site, potentially also including tools for searching for apps by various criteria etc                                                                                           
Please could you clarify which of these two approaches you are looking for?

If it is the second, what web technologies would you expect to be used, e.g. the current web site uses both WordPress and Joomla.

We are open to both approaches but the first one give us more flexibility for web updates and wordpress upgrades.

Can entities that are not from European Union Bid?

It is possible for non-EU entities (SMEs) to bid to these calls.

Can a private individual who is not registered as an sole trader or similar economic operator framework, bid for this procurement?

Your question required some legal investigations. French public procurement law allows physical persons to bid for an offer without any condition but the tax regulations forbids contracting and paying  someone who is not registered as a professional.
So I’m afraid that the answer to your question is no.

Has an Info Day taken place describing the requirements?

No, no Info Day has taken place.