In order to raise awareness of the challenges, potentials and threats of the ocean, Mercator Ocean International has participated in numerous awareness raising events in recent years. From international conferences to museum exhibits, the ocean models and Mercator Ocean expertise have helped more than 1 million people gain a better understanding of the ocean and operational oceanography. Awareness events can reach several layers of society and disseminate scientific knowledge and information aimed at more sustainable ocean practices, which is why Mercator Ocean is constantly developing new awareness tools.


Museum exhibitions

Museums and aquarium are excellent places to provide information and ocean literacy materials to the general public. Mercator Ocean currently provides applications and information for 4 of them.

Mercator Ocean international currently participates in exhibitions in 4 different institutions: in the Seaquarium in Le Grau-du-Roi, the La Rochelle Aquarium, Nausicaa, and La Cité de l’Espace. Over the past four years, more than a million people have been made aware of our tools specifically designed for exhibitions. These cover ocean currents, water level, acidification and more. Mercator Ocean has created an interactive application that can be used on computers or touch tools so that the public can interact with ocean data.


Awareness events

As part of Mercator Ocean's strategy to raise awareness, we particiapte in events surrounding the ocean and the challenges facing the ocean where we can reach members of the general public and beyond.

Mercator Ocean actively participates in outreach events in order to spread knowledge and understanding of the ocean.

Since 2014, numerous such events have taken place including: World Ocean Day in l’Aquarium de la Porte Dorée”, La Nuit des chercheurs”, Novela, Le train du climat, “Lumière sur le quai”, “the Planète Mer” exhibition in Le Quai des Savoirs and more.


International conferences

Mercator Ocean regularly has a presence at major international conferences surrounding the ocean. We have participated in more than 25 international conferences over the past 4 years at which there were some 3500 attendees including decision makers.

Mercator Ocean works to support initiatives surrounding the blue economy and sustainable ocean practices. We have been participated in a variety of initiatives including: the World Ocean Council meeting, the Monaco Blue Initiative, the G7, UNESCO events related to the SDG14, etc. The objective is to inform decision-makers with scientific expertise derived from precise operational oceanographic data and to improve the debate.