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Mercator Ocean international has wide experience in diffusing ocean science and fostering knowledge about the ocean and ocean-climate nexus. For the past 20 years, Mercator Ocean has been involved in transforming data into knowledge and connecting, engaging and empowering citizens, governments and industries by providing them with capacity-building tools to make informed decisions.

This ocean data and knowledge is available in many formats including, but not limited to, ocean data, web-materials, analysis, reports, videos, infographics, viewers, articles, and more. Below are a few key examples:

  • the Copernicus Marine Ocean Monitoring Indicators that provide key trends on changes in the ocean over the past quarter of a century,
  • the Ocean State Report, an annual report that reports on the state and health of the ocean, providing context in natural and anthropogenic changes,
  • an Ocean data catalogue that includes hundreds of ocean data products across the Blue, Green, and White Ocean (for example, biological and physical variables)
  • ocean literacy promotion such as participation in awareness raising events and our support of and partnerships with non-profits organisations,
  • the Blue Book for a Sustainable Ocean which describes the link between Copernicus Marine ocean data and how such data drives innovation, and sustainable development, and benefits society at large,
  • the contribution to international reports about climate change and environmental protection.