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Agence nationale de l’aviation civile et de la météorologie

Anacim is the Senegal meteorological centers. It provides seasonal forecasts to understand the link between ocean surface temperature anomalies (Pacific (with the major global phenomenon El Nino) and Atlantic) and global climate conditions (precipitation and temperature). The results of temperature…

BlueLink (CSIRO)

Bluelink is a platform led by CSIRO. It provides ocean modeling services delivered via: a Relocatable Ocean Atmosphere Model (ROAM) system, a fine resolution prediction system which includes ocean, waves, atmosphere and surf modelling tools at regional scales, the Bluelink…

Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

The CMCC delivers ocean data through many ocean models: The Biogeochemical Flux Model (BMF) is a generalized biogeochemistry model based on a biomass continuum description of lower trophic levels in the marine environment, The CMCC Global Ocean Physical Reanalysis System…

CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service)

The Copernicus Marine Service provides in-situ and satellites observations and models in its catalogue. It is a European Union service which provides data about the physical and biogeochemical ocean and sea ice. It is composed of many data providers which…

Danish Meteorological Institute

  DMI ocean forecast models are forced by weather forecasts and they calculate: hydro dynamics (sea current, sea temperature, salinity, sea ice) storm surge (sea level) waves drift and spreading of oil/dissolved substances or lost cargo marine ecology (nutrients, oxygen,…


The ECMWF is the European Center for Meteorology and Weather Forecasts. Its core mission is to provide data about the european atmosphere and climate change. About the ocean, it analyses 4 variables: Potential temperature Salinity Sea level anomaly Sea ice…

Environment and Climate Change Canada

  Environment and Climate Change Canada is the Canadian institution dedicated to climate change. It works in collaboration with Fisheries and Ocean Canada (DFO) and the Department of National Defense (DNF) to elaborate ocean models on global scales and more…

Fisheries and Ocean Canada

Together with ECC Canada, the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Ocean works to develop and implement coupled computer models. These models provide numerical estimate of ocean and ice conditions in the past, present and future. They develop: an atmosphere-ice-ocean prediction…

Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale

OGS activities cover 4 oceanograhic components in the mediterranean region: Physical Oceanography (Experimental, Autonomous Systems, Coastal) Biogeochemistry Marine Biology Modeling of marine system The NODC database contains more than 300 thousand vertical profiles of physical and biochemical variables. Address: Borgo…

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services provides both insitu and satellite observation data as well as it participates to ocean mdoels elaboration. It mainly focuses on the indian ocean. The models it participates to are: High-resolution Operational Ocean…