CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service)

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The Copernicus Marine Service provides in-situ and satellites observations and models in its catalogue. It is a European Union service which provides data about the physical and biogeochemical ocean and sea ice. It is composed of many data providers which build ocean models and provides observations about the global ocean and for each one of the European seas. The data provided are of three orders: reanalysis, near-real-time and forecasts.

They provide more than 200 ocean products, Ocean Monitoring Indicators and and ocean expertise for decision-makers.

It is designed to serve EU policies and International legal Commitments related to Ocean Governance, to cater for the needs of society at large for global ocean knowledge and to boost the Blue Economy

Address: 8-10 rue Hermès, Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France.

More information on their website.